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  • About the International Office

    In the era of globalization, the process of internationalization of Higher Education is constituted as an essential element in building the excellence of the University. On the one hand, UBA has focused on strengthening and consolidating this process through the promotion of academic, scientific and cultural exchanges and on the other, the social and cultural integration of the university community with other international peers.

    In accordance with these objectives, the Secretaría de Relaciones Internacionales -Secretariat of International Relations- has developed a comprehensive policy of internationalization, through cooperation with other higher education institutions of academic excellence around the world; the management of exchange and mobility programs for undergraduate and graduate students, teachers and researchers; participation in International University Fairs; the promotion of scholarship programs and international projects; and academic cooperation through the French-Argentine, German-Argentine Centres and Confucius Institute.

    Team at the International Central Office
    Representatives for International Affairs in the Academic Units