About UBA | Outreach
  • The University, besides its specific role as a an Institution of Higher Education, pursues the promotion of the the benefits of its direct cultural and social actions implemented through university extension. With the promotion of interdisciplinary teams and financing strategies, the University addresses the roots of social problems, hence transferring to the community the investment received as a public University.

University extension stimulates all those activities which contribute to the country’s social progress, to the consolidation of democratic institutions and to the enforcement of law and rights through concrete actions towards the community as a whole. UBA also contributes its knowledge to the formulation of public policies and ensures the full participation of citizens in a state of social vulnerability in university life, putting the knowledge that is produced and taught at the service of the community

1. Programa de Acción Comunitaria en Barrios Vulnerables (PIACBV) -Community Action Program in Vulnerable Neighborhoods 
This program is the main outreach policy, aimed at populations at risk in the metropolitan area. In thes neighborhoods, many university outreach projects are implemented The activities are carried out by teams made up of students from different disciplines and coordinated by professors and researchers of the University.  are: The areas addressed are: dentistry, ophthalmology, primary health care, nutrition , detection of cardiovascular risks, detection and prevention of sexually transmitted diseases, vaccination, apparel design and entrepreneurship, among others.

2. Programa UBANEX- "UBANEX" Program
The program promotes, stimulates and strengthens the link between the University and society. The projects are developed from the Subjects of the different Schools or Faculties, making the knowledge available to the community.
3. Programa Universidad y Discapacidad - University and Disability Program
It promotes the full inclusion of people with disabilities and proposes measures to end all forms of discrimination. It works to ensure full physical, communicational, cultural and pedagogical accessibility in all areas of the University.

4. Programa UBA Verde - "UBA verde" Program
Integral management program for the separation of solid waste generated by the University in all its dependencies, in articulation with urban recycling cooperatives, achieving a significant  impact on  the environment and  social inclusion through extension projects
5. Programa Internacional sobre Democracia, Sociedad y Nuevas Economías (PIDESONE) - International Program on Democracy, Society and New Economies 
Its objective is to contribute to research, international academic debate and the construction of a perspective of justice to promote social, cultural and political practices.
6.  Programa Prácticas Sociales Educativas (PSE) - Educational Social Practices Program 
Its objective is to enrich the comprehensive training of future professionals, incorporating curricular knowledge, citizen participation and social awareness, through the engagement in tasks linked to their careers in interdisciplinary interventions  in socially vulnerable sectors.
7. Department of Health and Social  Services
The Secretary of University Extension and Student Welfare through its Department of Health and Social Assistance provides different services for the student community, maintaining as a fundamental health pillar the prevention, promotion and protection of health.
8. Blood Donation Campaign
The Secretary of University Extension and Student Welfare Secretariat  of the University of Buenos Aires -UBA- together with the Departments of Extension of all the Academic Units of the University, through the Transfusion Medicine Network of the Ministry of Health of the Government of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires and aligned with the National Blood Plan and the Pan American Health Organization- organized the blood donation campaign in 2016 in the School of Dentistry, in Ciudad Universitaria and twice in the School of Medicine.

General Coordination of Tourism
It was created with the purpose of promoting and coordinating the development of tourist activities, organized by the corresponding areas of the different Schools. It promotes the use and development of all spaces which belong  to the University and can be arranged as a tourist destination and  generates cultural, recreational and touristic proposals in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires and other parts of the country. It is designed for students, graduates, professors and administrative staff of the University. 

Coordination of sports activities
Among the main sports activities that take place within the framework of this Coordination, we can mention: football, handball, basketball (for men and women), women's hockey, men's futsal, tennis, judo, karate, taekwondo, artistic gymnastics and body building, pilates, among others.

The Secretary of Extension also grants scholarships to support students.