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My University requires me to study some subjects abroad. Can I do it at UBA?

Yes. Either because it is a requirement at your University or because you are interested in doing a stay abroad, and you have your University’s consent, you can take some courses at the University of Buenos Aires for one or two semesters. To do so, you have to get in touch with the International Relations area of the School you are interested in so that they can provide information regarding the registration process and the documentation you need.
To contact the Schools, visit this  link

I am a foreigner who has just finished high school and I want to study a degree course in Argentina. What documents do I need to be able to register in the UBA?

To start an undergraduate program at the University of Buenos Aires, you do not have to take an entrance exam. You must enroll in the Ciclo Básico Común -Common Basic Course-, which constitutes the first year of study for undergraduate courses at UBA.

If you are a foreigner and you already have a Permanent or Temporary Residence or have not yet regularized your immigration status, you must submit the following documentation before the registration process starts:

• Certificate of secondary level studies legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of your home country and validated by the Ministerio de Educación -Ministry of Education- of Argentina
• Document or passport of your country
• One 4x4 (standard passport size) photo
• Certification of the minimum level of Spanish required
• All documentation must be presented at Ciudad Universitaria (Pabellón III, Ground Floor Subsecretaría de Planificación from Monday to Friday from 10 am to 4 pm) during the registration dates established by the CBC.

If you are a foreign member of diplomatic missions, in order to register you must submit the following documentation:

• Registration request signed by the highest authority of the diplomatic representation you belong to, certified by the Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores, Comercio Internacional y Culto -Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Commerce and Worship- before March 31st  every year
• Diplomatic passport. In case of being a direct relative, documentation proving degree of kinship
• Certificate of secondary level studies duly legalized

Please note that undergraduate courses at UBA are free of charge. Administrative fees may apply.


I started my career in a foreign university but I want to continue my studies in the UBA. What are the procedures?

You have to request a Pase de Universidad -University Transfer-. To obtain information on the necessary documentation, you must contact the Oficina de Pases de la Dirección de Títulos y Planes at UBA - Registrar's Office:

Dirección de Títulos y Planes - Registrar's Office
Oficina de Pases 
Opening hours: 9am to 4pm.
Pte. J. E. Uriburu 950, PB, Oficina 6. CABA
Telephone: (+5411) 5285-6182 / 5285-6180

The number of credit transfer granted cannot exceed 50% of the program of studies to be undertaken at UBA. If this limit is exceeded, you will have to reattend some of the subjects at this University.

I have taken an undergraduate course abroad and I want to do a postgraduate degree at UBA. How can I register?

You have to contact the Postgraduate area of the School that teaches the course you are interested in to find out about the registration process, fees and schedules.
Information on postgraduate courses


My Spanish is not very good and I want to improve it. What does UBA offer?

Some Schools  of the University of Buenos Aires offer Spanish courses for foreigners, as well as other language courses. For more information, please contact:

Centro Universitario de Idiomas, Facultad de Agronomía - University Language Centre,School of Agronomy
Address: Junín 222 – Autonomous City of Buenos Aires
Telephone: +54 (11) 5352-8000

Laboratorio de Idiomas, Facultad de Filosofía y Letras –Language Laboratory, School of Philosophy and Humanities
Address: 25 de Mayo 221- Capital Federal
Telephone: +54 (11) 4343-5981 / 1196

Centro de Lenguas Extranjeras, Facultad de Ciencias Sociales-School of Foreign Languages, School of Social Sciences
Marcelo T. de Alvear 2230, 5º piso, oficina 508- Autonomous City of Buenos Aires
Telephone: +54 (11) 5287-1532

I graduated abroad and I want to validate my professional degree in Argentina. How can I do it?

If there are specific agreements for validation of degrees between Argentina and the country of origin of the university that issued your degree, you must start the validation process in the Ministerio de Educación - Ministry of Education of Argentina.
More information:

If there are no valid agreements, you can choose the University of Buenos Aires to complete the university degree revalidation process. In this case, you have to contact the Oficina de Reválidas de la Dirección de Títulos y Planes:

Dirección de Títulos y Planes - Registrar's Office
Oficina de Reválidas

Pte. Uriburu 950 planta baja  Oficina 2, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Telephone: +54 (11) 4508-3624 extension 106


Do I need a visa to enter the country? What are the procedures?

The immigration procedures vary according to two factors: a) the duration of your stay in Argentina and b) your country of origin or permanent residence
a) 1. If you enter the country as a foreign student to take one or two semesters, either through an exchange program or a "free" exchange program, you must contact the Academic Unit  you will be studying at to request the necessary information.
2. If you are considering a full course, you should check the following link

b) To find out if you need a visa, depending on your country of origin or permanent residence, follow this link

For more information you can check these links: