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Agribusiness and Food
Agricultural Biotechnology
Food Science and Technology
Grain crops
Rural Development
Soil Fertility and Fertilization
Formulation and Evaluation of Agricultural and Agroindustrial Projects
Environmental Management in Agrifood Systems
Value Chain Management in the Bovine Meat Market
Hygiene and Safety in Agricultural Work
Management of Pastoral Farming Systems
Management of Soils and Crops in Direct Seeding
Agricultural Mechanization
Plant Genetic Improvement
Negotiations and International Trade in Agroindustries
Dairy Products Production in Argentine Systems
Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems Applied to the Study of Natural Resources and Agricultural Production
Rural Tourism

Biometrics and Improvement
Food Science and Technology of Food Industrialization
Soil Sciences
Rural development
Agricultural Economics
Agricultural and Biological Teaching
Agricultural Meteorology
Processes of Regional Integration MERCOSUR-oriented
Animal Production
Plant Production
Natural Resources

Doctorate of the University of Buenos Aires in Agricultural Sciences