Academic Information | Postgraduate courses School of Architecture

Biodesign and Mechatronic Products - BIME
Integral Conservation and Rehabilitation of the Architectural Heritage
Furniture Design
Interior Design
Design and Management of Brands and Identity Systems
Teaching Training Course for Architecture, Design and Urban Planning (Distance Learning)
Management and Direction of Projects and Works
Metropolitan Environmental Management
Management of Interdisciplinary Projects in Social Context
Cultural Heritage Management
Strategic Design Management
Architecture History and Criticism, Design and Urbanism
Project Research Housing-oriented
Logic and Technique of the Form
Building Modelling with Information
Planning of the Physical Resources in Health
Landscape Planning
Urban and Regional Planning
Construction Production and Management
Urban Project
Safety and Hygiene in the Construction Industry
Sociology of Design
Real Estate Appraisal and Project Value
Theory of Communication Design

Open Design for Innovation
Communication Design
Interactive Design
Metropolitan Environmental Management
City Management and Planning
Urban Habitat and Poverty in Latin America
History and Criticism of Architecture, Design and Urbanism
Project Research on Housing
Form Logic and Technique
Urban and Regional Planning
Architectural Project
Sustainability in Architecture and Urbanism

Doctorate of the University of Buenos Aires in Design / Architecture / Urbanism