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Public Communication of Science and Technology
Childhood Education
Cultural Management
Museums, Cultural Transmission and Management of Anthropological and Historical Collections
Pedagogies for Equality in Different Socio-educational Contexts
Child and Adolescent Social Issues
Reading and Writing Processes
Educational Technology (Distance Learning)
Literary Translation

Speech Analysis
Social Anthropology
Library Science and Information Science
Labour Social Sciences
Education for Early Childhood
Education: Critical Pedagogies and Socio-educational Problems
Classical Studies
Cultural Studies of Latin America
Theatre Studies and Latin American and Argentine Cinema
Historical-Archaeological Studies
Interdisciplinary Studies of Subjectivity
Literary Studies
Political Philosophy
Cultural Management
Argentine and Latin American History
Literature in Foreign Languages ??and Comparative Literatures
Spanish and Latin American Literatures
Artistic Heritage and Culture in South American Colonial (Distance Learning)
Environmental and Territorial Policies
Child and Adolescent Social Issues
Processes of Regional Integration MERCOSUR-related
Educational Technology (Distance Learning)

Doctorate from the University of Buenos Aires in Anthropology / Archeology / Bioanthropology / Library Science and Documentation / Educational Sciences / Philosophy / Geography / History / History and Theory of Arts / Classical Literature / Linguistics / Literature / Gender Studies.