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MAGMA is the Mobility Program for academics and representatives between Universities of Mexico and Argentina. The University of Buenos Aires, as the university of destination, will be responsible for the food and lodging expenses during the stay, while the University of origin will be responsible for the expenses resulting from the air ticket. To be able to apply to this Program, you must contact your home University.“ESCALA DOCENTE” Program of AUGMWithin the framework of the AUGM “ESCALA DOCENTE” Program, the University of Buenos Aires regularly receives visiting lecturers from the Universities that make up the Asociación de Universidades Grupo  Montevideo  -Universities Association Montevideo Chapter- with the objective of making stays in our Academic Units. According to the bases of this Program, the University of Buenos Aires is responsible for financing the accommodation and maintenance of the selected teachers. Foreign teachers who wish to take an academic stay within the framework of this Program must begin the application process established at their home university.  International Academic Mobility Program - PROMAI-.This Program finances the lodging and maintenance grants of visiting teachers selected by the University of Buenos Aires. The selected teachers must come from universities with which the University of Buenos Aires has signed collaboration framework agreements. They must be invited by the corresponding Faculty which is expected to submit the application to the Secretariat of International Relations of UBA within the deadlines established. UBA Academic Mobility Programme - People's Republic of China.The purpose of this Program is to strengthen ties with academic institutions in the People's Republic of China. In this sense, every year the University of Buenos Aires welcomes teachers from Chinese university institutions that have signed a framework agreement with the University of Buenos Aires. In order to facilitate the development of the suggested academic activities, UBA finances accommodation and maintenance of those teachers in the framework of this Program. Foreign teachers interested in participating in this Program must follow the application process defined in their universities of origin.