The International Relations Office, through its UBAINT Program, granted 85 scholarships for student mobility in 20 institutions in 12 countries, and 60 scholarships for teaching staff for academic stays in 38 institutions in 17 countries. For 2018 we plan to to increase the former by 200 and the latter by 120.

In August 2017, the f International Relations Office of the University of Buenos Aires launched the UBAINT Program to strengthen and stimulate the existing cooperation with partner institutions abroad, as well as to expand the network of inter-institutional relations by adding partners in new countries
The program seeks to promote exchange, mutual academic improvement, and cultural and social diversity aiming at the two pillars of our community: teaching staff and students.
UBAINT Teachers promotes academic stays in partner institutions abroad. Since it started it has doubled teacher mobility per year and helped our different Faculties to revalue their Framework and Specific Agreements, a key tool in their process of internationalization.
UBAINT Students recipients, on the other hand, are the undergraduate students of the thirteen Faculties of the University of Buenos Aires. This first call offered 90 places in 21 Universities around the world, strategically distributed in order to respond to the academic interests of each Faculty.
During 2018 we plan to expand the offer for undergraduate students for up to 200 places, and add new destination universities in regions which are key to UBA’s international strategy.