International UBA | Bilateral Cooperation Centers


The Bilateral Cooperation Centers aim to enhance cooperation with specific geographical areas through the promotion of scientific and university collaboration, as well as intellectual, cultural and student exchange programs and the development of cultural and social activities.

  • French-Argentine Centre

    The French-Argentine Centre for Advanced Studies of the University of Buenos Aires (CFAAE-UBA for its acronym in Spanish) is the result of an agreement signed on July 16th  1996, between the Embassy of France and the University of Buenos Aires.
    The CFAAE contributes to the academic and scientific cooperation between both countries through an extended standing agreement, which proposes seminars that meet the requirements of university academic studies at UBA, so that students who attend these seminars obtain valid credits for doctorates and masters. Besides, the CFAAE organizes conferences open to the public, provides support to students, offers a specialized library - open to the university community - and is a meeting place for researchers whose studies are related to France.
    The French-Argentine Centre website


  • German–Argentine Centre

    The German-Argentine Centre of the University of Buenos Aires, inaugurated in December 2004, is the result of intense cooperation and scientific-academic exchange between both countries. Created in conjunction with the DAAD, the German Academic Exchange Service, the Center aims to consolidate the long-standing academic and research relations between Germany and Argentina, as well as with the objective of promoting the study of the culture and language of both countries.
    The German-Argentine Centre develops its activities in a very favorable context for inter-university cooperation between Germany and Argentina, reinforcing the existing ties.
    German-Argentine Centre website


  • Confucius Institute of the University of Buenos Aires

    The Confucius Institute of the University of Buenos Aires -ICUBA (for its acronym in Spanish)- was founded in 2009 with the aim of encouraging, through the teaching and promotion of the Chinese language and culture, the relationship between Argentina and China. This relationship, based on criteria of equality, reciprocity and mutual benefit, has progressively consolidated over the last two decades and is supported by more than 40 years of bilateral commercial and institutional ties.
    The Confucius Institute, now part of the University of Buenos Aires, develops its activity in the field of the Faculty of Economic Sciences and is open to the whole community.
    Confucius Institute website


  • University of Buenos Aires Musical Internationalisation Centre

    The Musical Internationalisation Centre of the University of Buenos Aires, IMUBA, was established in 2020 to promote and share our Argentinian music around the world by encouraging the circulation of cultural goods-producing scenarios that seek integration and education of the members of the music industry.
    It is a reference Centre that aims at feeding, promoting and projecting Argentinian music internationally through a set of activities and initiatives that encourage the mobility, interaction and training of professionals in the area to bring out the culture, and more particularly the music as an essential part of the country’s image and reality.