Academic Information | Postgraduate courses

The Postgraduate Office advises the Academic Units of the University in the organization and management of postgraduate programs in order to promote the professional and academic improvement of the graduates.

Updating Programs

The updating programs are continuing education activities aimed at updating, reflecting and training in the different fields of knowledge, in order to provide tools for the resolution of problems inherent to professional development.

The programs have a variable duration and an evaluation system that is established. Each Faculty or School will grant the corresponding certification to the student who completes a program with a workload of at least 128 hours.
Courses of Specialization
The specialization careers aim to deepen the mastery of a subject or area within a professional or multiprofessional field. On graduation, the student must complete a final work of an integrating nature.
The minimum duration of a specialization degree at UBA is 368 hours equivalent to 23 credits (1 credit = 16 hours).
The aim of the master's degrees is to provide academic and/or professional training, deepening the theoretical, methodological, technological, managerial or artistic knowledge in the field of a discipline or interdisciplinary area or a professional or multiprofessional field.
The master's degrees can be of two types: academic or professional. The academic masters are oriented to disciplinary and interdisciplinary research and require a final work with a thesis format. The professional masters are oriented to the consolidation of competences of a professional field of application and the final work can acquire a project format, case study, work, thesis, artistic production or similar. The minimum duration of a master's degree at UBA is 704 hours equivalent to 44 credits.

The fundamental task of a Doctorate candidate is the completion of a piece that means an original contribution to the knowledge of a chosen scientific and technological specialization. The University of Buenos Aires doctorate study program is personalized and comprises a maximum of 6 years with the possibility of 2 additional years.
Postdoctoral Degree
The Program is aimed at PhDs from national and foreign universities through courses, research, stays, etc. It has a minimum duration of 3 months and a maximum of 2 years. In the case of foreign applicants, an ad hoc stay plan will be considered.
Candidates of the Postdoctoral Program must develop a work plan included within the framework of a stay in a program or research project developed in the corresponding Faculty. Once the Work Plan Report has been completed and evaluated, the Faculty will issue the postdoctoral certification.